Design Museum – #FontSunday

Being very active with the Design Museum’s #FontSunday; a weekly twitter based activity for type enthusiasts, we approached them wishing to be guest host and proposed a theme of #stencils to promote #FontSunday and share it with the museum’s worldwide audience of over 2.5m followers.

Prior to the day, we decided to design a stencil themed poster, (based on Milton Glaser’s ‘Glaser Stencil’ typeface) for the event to announce to our colleagues, peers and fellow type devotees, our involvement. We then approached Dan Mather – a well respected London-based screenprinter to produce a limited edition run of fluoro inked posters for us to award to the best contributors to our #FontSunday.

We enjoyed an excellent turnout and were grateful to have one of the highest ever number of submissions for the Design Museum. Poster recipients included, National Theatre (stencil) logo designer, Ian Dennis, as well as many deserving followers and supporters of the studio, both in the UK and overseas, including America and Australia.

View our collection of #stencils here at the Design Museum’s Pinterest board.

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