Lighting Design

We were given an opportunity to develop a unique light fitting for a reception area which formed the main visitor entrance to our client’s commercial premises.

Our approach was to design a light feature based on the idea that all, or many of its parts could or should already exist. These parts included, for example, items found within the building’s site, possibly recycled, scrapped or nearly new. The intention was to develop a design that in essence re-appropriated the original component’s purpose, to form a functional and appealing structure supporting a cluster of lights.

The lighting components, bulbs, flexes and fittings, were sourced from a vintage lighting supplier as we wanted to create a historic / retro look. It was at this point that we began to refer to the light in development as an ‘Industrial Chandelier’.

After a lengthy process of developing and making prototypes, we finalised the design and, with the help of skilled specialists, commissioned the light to be handmade, finished and installed.

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