Reginald Bray

My Life & Times, is the title of a book designed and published by the studio for a client with very personal needs. It was sensitively brought to our attention whilst developing the initial brief, that the life story of Reginald Bray, ghost written by his son, was intended to be a piece of valuable memorabilia for the whole of the extended family to enjoy and remember this ‘colourful character.’

After reading and understanding his chronicle, we decided early on, that for the book to be an engaging piece, the narrative should be clearly communicated using a series of pictograms to denote key milestones and themes within the text. These were developed to support chapter titles, which included RAF & India and My Sporting Life.

We designed the book’s format to support the content, utilising throwout pages to display the extensive archival imagery and a gatefold for a family tree info graphic spread.

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